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AW3 ND Yag tattoo removal system is used to treat

tattoo removal and a wide range of skin conditions.

All Laser is Internationally recognised as a leading 

provider of Laser systems from IPL to Laser Lipo and

many more. The ND Yag Laser Tattoo Removal system is

clinically proven to be safe and effective for tattoos and pigmentation removal.


Laser emitted by the system has a strong penetration

ability which allows the correct light source to reach

deep into the dermis layer. The pigment particles absorb the

light energy and explode rapidly, bursting into tiny pieces,

thus diminishing the colour density to get rid of it. The

system can effectively remove mutated pigmentations

and vascular tissue based on the undamaged ambient

tissue. This process is called "Selective Heat Absorption" .

Kings Cross Tattoo is now offering one of the most effective

system available in the world. With minimal pain and instantaneous blasting technology. On average 4-7 

treatments is required to remove tattoos or pigmentations,

leaving you with great looking skin.

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